I just finished the Allied campaign in the RTS game, Ruse. After completing the campaign I read its Wikipedia article, which states:

There are two campaigns in the game […] The second takes place from the point of view General Major Erich Von Richter in the Wehrmacht, whose dreams of military perfection on the battlefield were realized with the invention of Blitzkrieg. The game follows General Richter who, while battling allied generals, is trying to uncover a traitor in the upper ranks of his command.

That paragraph is quoted from the games official site.

The review on the site NZGamer states:

The second campaign storyline allows you to have a decent crack at a German storyline […]

I haven't managed to find this campaign, and can't find anything about it any other place. Are there really two campaigns within this game?

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It appears that this is false. Perhaps the developers were forced to make cuts and marketing never caught up?


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