And I'm not talking about a viable build. Just a build that would make me go from one side of the map to the other the fastest.

What champion should I pick? With what masteries? With what items?

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You can gave movement speed through 2 master abilities: Initiator (3%) and Swiftness (4%). Also, you can take Summoner's Wrath to improve your Sprint speed by 35%.

Obviously take Ghost as your summoner.

You can rune 3 movement speed quintessences for an addition 4.5% move speed.

Boots of Mobility offer the largest boost, of +5 when out of combat. Add in 5 Phantom Dancers for an additional 60% movespeed.

Finally, while it's not sustained, Rammus' Powerball move reaches the highest speed of any champion. For sustained burst speed, such as across the map, Master Yi's Higlander is better.

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I think you could find some videos on Youtube with speed records using :

  • Rammus
  • Boots of mobility + 5 phantom dancers
  • Ghost
  • Masteries and Runes
  • Zilean + Sivir + Kayle + Nunu
  • One of them Having shurelya's reverie ;-)

Zephyr gives +10% move speed as opposed to Phantom Dancer's 5%


Any champion with speed boost (kennen, zilean) or with gap closer (Lee Sin, Jax) so you can jump over walls with help of wards.

What items? Shurelya's reverie and youmuu's ghostblade both give nice movement speed, but I personally like Shurely's more.

What masteries? Intiator on defense and swiftness on utility give both movement speed. Also I have seen many people use movement speed runes. Janna's passive also gives 3% movement speed.


The best thing that worked for me was Master Yi ULT TALISMAN YOUMUS 3 ZEPHYR MOBY BOOTS HOMEGUARD

all at the same time and GHOST REVIVE


Take Hecarim with GHOST and REVIVE, buy mobo' with homeguard, Talisman, 3 Zehpyrs and the upgrade of qss and you should be fine


buy 5 zepher and one boot of mobilty with homeguard enchantment

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