I have been playing Counter Strike 1.6 for the last two years; however, it's still interesting to me. A week ago, I bought a dedicated CS 1.6 server which is hosted in a remote location. They didn't gave any remote access tool to handle that server. Does anyone know about that kind of tool?

Info About the Server:

  • They are giving around 80 GB of disk space where the CS 1.6 server is installed.
  • The remaining space can be used for file storage.
  • Separate username & password was given to access the server through a web interface.
  • Using that interface I can start or stop or restart the server(This is not enough for me)
  • I can also setup the server configuration in there.
  • They do have a tool named AMX mod but it costs too much for me for each month.

What I want to do with the tool is:

  • be able to see the player names using a browser interface or something like that.
  • some operations like kicking, banning, and warning.
  • ban such that it may be a temporary ban or permanent ban using the player's IP.

Any suggestions, links or knowledge base would be appreciated!

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    @BlueRaja Charging for GPL software is certainly not illegal in itself. @StrixVaria If you are able to upload and alter all of the server files then you can install AMX Mod X (or whatever Metamod plugin) free of charge. Commented Sep 23, 2010 at 19:48
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    @Lee: You are correct, my bad. @MaRaVaN: If you don't have access to change the necessary files to install AMXX yourself, you may want to consider changing server hosts - most hosting companies will let you do this free of charge. Commented Sep 23, 2010 at 20:48

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What you're looking for is called remote-console, or rcon. It's built right into the game; to use it, set rcon_password to the same value on the server (in server.cfg) and client (in the console), then type into the client-console rcon <command> for any commands you want to run on the server.

You can use rcon outside of the game, too. The most popular tool for this is HLSW.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. Jus after the first two lines i started to comment "i know it...". But the finishing touch is what i wanted... Now i am downloading it. Thanks again
    – user1849
    Commented Sep 23, 2010 at 20:17

This site should be helpful: Counter-Server, The Official CS Server Admin Site

Particularly the How-to section.

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