Error! Variable "$blendframes" is multiply defined in material "particle/smoke1/smoke1_add_nearcull"!

Left 4 Dead 2 Official Dedicated Bugging Going Black Screen

As the keywords suggest, when starting a game, the game goes black. If you whip up console, there is this error. Which I know other people may get when they try to start up an Official Dedicated game. Anyone know why this is?

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NOTE: I know this is an old question, but I wanted to try to help any future Googlers who are running into this issue.

Based on this thread from the Steam Community forums, it appears that this error was due to an issue on Steam's side.

If you're still having this problem, (and you're sure it isn't caused by an add-on) try reverifying your local content (as shown here: Is there a way to manually update a game?).

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