I live in the country and have a satellite dish as my internet connection/provider.

I constantly deal with almost 2000 latency.

What I am wondering is if there is anything that I could do to improve the latency on my end?

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Actually, there is. This is a general purpose latency fix, that can have a small to medium sized effect on your latency, depending on several factors.

It's known as the Leatrix Latency Fix.

It works by changing the packet buffer on your OS from 2 to 1. This increases traffic, but reduces latency by removing the wait time for confirmation calls under certain conditions.


Get a terrestrial ISP.

The reason your latency is so high is that your signal must travel up to the satellite (it's in SPACE) and back, for each direction of your communication. The trip there and back adds at least half a second, so the Internet round-trip is somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 to 1.5 seconds. That's just for the satellite uplink/downlink. Add in the rest of the Internet route and you're pretty much screwed.

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