I use Steam to run World of Warcraft, but WoW is not a Steam game. Since I can't bind PrintScreen as the screenshot key in Steam, I can't take a Steam screenshot at the same time as I take an in-game screenshot. Also, I have an addon in WoW that automatically takes screenshots given certain conditions. Having the screenshots allows me to use Steams browser to navigate screenshots, as well as use them as a background on the game's Libary page.

Is there a way to simply attach World of Warcraft's screenshots directory to Steam's?

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The steam forums have a few answers:

  1. Renaming a steam-screenshot
  2. Workaround via VLC

Both should work just fine but do take some effort ;)

The first option is to make a screenshot ingame, give the name of that screenshot to the screenshot you want to add and to copy the renamed screenshot over the steam-screenshot.

The second option requires some more steps:

  • Download, install and add VLC to your steam library.
  • Run VLC from Steam.
  • Select open file and select your image (select any file is necessary).
  • Go into full screen modus (double-click the screen).
  • Make a screenshot with Steam.
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