I know that this is an age old question, but can you use a usb headset on a PS3 for both chat and game audio? I know that the firmware didn't use to support it, but now that Sony has their USB stereo headset, I thought for sure it would be possible. I don't know if it still isn't, or I'm just not searching google good enough.

Does anyone have some concrete evidence that it is NOT possible?

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I don't have any evidence to show that it is NOT possible, I can however link you to an eHow of how you CAN. It seems to be simple enough:

  • Plug in the headset.
  • Go to the Audio Device Settings on the PS3 and set the headset as both Input Device and Output Device.
  • IIRC "Audio output device" will only output chat, not game audio, but I may need to check this
    – JohnoBoy
    Commented Aug 5, 2012 at 12:45
  • @JohnoBoy Please do, I don't have the means to (don't own a PS3 nor USB headset). The internet doesn't have any conclusive evidence for as far as I can find...
    – Assile
    Commented Aug 5, 2012 at 13:00
  • I'll check once I have access to my PS3
    – JohnoBoy
    Commented Aug 5, 2012 at 13:12
  • I have checked this already. It only outputs chat like @JohnoBoy says. Commented Aug 5, 2012 at 15:40

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