I'm not able to find sufficient information about what the differences are between the PS2 port and the original GC version of Viewtiful Joe.

Can anyone give me a complete account of what has been changed in the PS2 port from the original? For example, I know that the graphics have been affected somewhat. In what way? I know there's a new difficulty added, which one is it? And is the original difficulty level still preserved? How does the control mapping to a PS2 pad work?

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I just found this (<- click)

A user of this forum seems to have both versions and listed the pros:

Well, I've owned the GC version and I currently own the PS2 version.

GC pros:
Faster loading times
Smoother graphics/almost no slowdown

PS2 pros:
Extra playable character Dante
A new difficulty, "Sweet," it's the easiest difficulty in the game
Better unlockable music video

I hope you are still interested in the answer.

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    Thank you, Tonsenson. I am still interested. Very good information, thanks!
    – Christian
    Oct 29, 2013 at 14:32

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