Walls of Babylon
The walls of Babylon increase the damage output of all the city's ranged attacks and increase the city's defense.

+6 Armour
+100 HP

It doesn't however state how much the bonus damage is. Are there any numbers?

Also does it stack with the pantheon ability below?

Goddess of Protection
+30% increase in city Ranged Combat Strength

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The shield icon - "Armour" you've called it - is actually a city's combat rating. As with military units1, the combat rating represents both the offensive and defensive capabilities of city. Therefore, the Walls of Babylon provide +6 to the city's base combat rating.

And yes, this will stack with any other boosts to a city's combat rating. In general, when it comes to stats modifiers in the game, all direct + or - modifiers are applied to the base value first, then all % modifiers are summed and applied as a single multiplier applied (so +20% and +30% is applied as +50%, not a compounded +56%).

1. Except for ranged units that have a ranged rating as well - used for attack - while the combat rating for them is defense only.

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