I've finally finished all the Dark forests (through the Kaya gate) in Jade Cocoon 2 for the PS2, but I'm really stuck on how to beat Lilith (the transformed Levant).

I keep having long battles which don't really amount to much, so I keep resetting without saving so I keep my items.

Does anyone have any strategies that have worked?

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this was pulled from a strategy and was written by: Rocky Valkryie.

Suggested tactic: Hopefully you brought plenty of attack up and inciting books and it should end well. Also, make sure that one of your fire beasts has an all-hitting move like soldote. Inciting book+Strong MG user+Inciting book= First turn smaller-kalma kill. That will leave your 2 other strong attackers a chance to hit the bigger kalma. Do this till you run out of MP. Hopefully you still have some books left, too. Now switch to the water side and stall out. Tishalite is useful to have. Switch back when the MP is up again and repeat the Inciting book+Fire formation thing. When you run out of books or one or two of your fire formation beasts die, switch to the wind side. If you have good strong attackers here, that's really good. When they run out, turn to the earth side. When all else fails, stall out with the water side to replenish your attackers. That's all my advice. Blockquote

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