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What is the best way to maximize gold find in Diablo 3?

According to this answer the maximum gold find in Diablo 3 is 491%:

  • Amulet slot: 50%
  • All other slots except weapon: 11 * 25% = 275% (head, shoulders, torso, wrists, hands, waist, legs, feet, 2x rings, offhand)
  • Helmet gem slot: 31% (Radiant Star Emerald)
  • Follower amulet slot: 50% * 20% follower bonus ratio = 10%
  • Follower ring and offhand slots: 3 * 25% * 20% follower bonus ratio = 15%
  • Nephalem Valor: 75%
  • Shrine of Fortune: 25%
  • Demon Hunter Ferret Companion: 10%

Total: 491%

However when I was playing this weekend, comeone in the [general] chat asked if 300% was the max. I responded that 491% was the maximum and they asked why their GF% wouldn't increase above 300%.

I suspect this changed around the time that the Goldskin (+100% Gold Find body armor) and Puzzle Ring were introduced. That would have raised the max GF% to 565% which is * ridiculous*.

Is Gold Find now capped at 300% in Diablo 3?

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Here's a blue post from the official Diablo 3 forums:

The Magic Find and Gold Find percentages for both follower contributions and Fortune Shrine bonuses are intended to respect the 300% MF/GF cap. Nephalem Valor bonuses will continue to stack beyond this cap, however.

That said, we’ve seen some posts that MF/GF contributions from followers may currently be stacking above the cap, and we’re looking into those reports.

Another more visible place where this was announced is the blog post that first introduced the Paragon leveling system.

With the Paragon system in place, we’re capping Magic Find and Gold Find to 300% (before Nephalem Valor).

So yes, the gold cap is 300% before Nephalim Valor and cannot be exceeded with followers or shrines.

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The cap on Gold and Magic Find Bonuses is now 300%, as of the 1.0.4 patch. This is before Nephalem Valor is factored in. With a full stack of NV, Gold and Magic Find bonuses can get up to 375%.

This change was made as part of the Paragon System introduced in Patch 1.0.4.

The linked article includes rationale for the change, if you are interested. The relevant section is titled "… What Was That About Magic Find On Items?"

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