I am a little bit confused, because i always thought marauder had only a single target hit, but when i hear about splash damage, i get confused. Do they have an aoe? is that trigger but the slowing shot upgrade?

  • do you have a link to a place where you've read about marauders having splash damage? that could help us explain the confusion. – Peter Recore Oct 1 '10 at 14:33

Marauders only inflict damage on a single target, the one they are shooting at. They do not have any splash damage.

However, regarding their concussive shells, it's a bit different:

  • In the single-player campaign, the "jackhammer concussive shells" upgrade makes marauders slow not only the target they are shooting at but also targets in a small radius around it - so their slowing effect is splashed, but not the damage.
  • In multiplayer melee mode, marauders only slow their target, so the slow effect isn't splashed.
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