Today I was "Unbeatable" in PvP for the first time, accompanied by the normal "An ally is unbeatable!" announcement. Upon Googling it I found that this is awarded when you get 4 medals in a single spawn (without dying). However, I had 7-8 medals at the time and hadn't died all match, so the information I found elsewhere would appear to be wrong.

Does anyone know exactly what causes you to become Unbeatable?

  • I was guarding a turret in Civil War most of the time, so most of my medals were for defense; perhaps it requires different "types" of medals? – Matthew Read Sep 9 '12 at 21:00

It used to be 4 medals, due to the fact there are more medals now since 1.2 it has been changed to 8 medals without dying.


In addition to Halfwarr's answer, you get Invincible and Immortal for 14 and 18 medals since your last death, respectively.

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