Sir Hammerlock in Sanctuary has given me the quest "Mighty Morphin,'" this quest requires me to take an item from him that is a serum injector. Then I am supposed to use said injector to inject Varkid cocoons in Tundra Express. However, I can't find the item in my inventory after I grab it from Hammerlock (if it is even a weapon or whatever), and I've no idea how to inject the cocoons with the serum. Am I supposed to have something in my inventory? What am I doing wrong? :(

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It's not an item in your inventory. Just 'use' the cocoon when they turn into one.

  • Ahh, in the heat of fighting I never saw the push "x" to inject option. Thanks! I feel kinda silly now :)
    – Klokworkk
    Sep 19, 2012 at 19:18

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