I'd like to repower the motel in "Three Horns - Valley" (particularly to use the Fast-Travel Station). All of the items in the motel are unusable (hover action says "unpowered"). When is this possible? I see a drilling rig but the switch near it does nothing when activated.

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Spoiler below!!!

You eventually get a quest in Three Horns Valley, called "No Vacancy". Scooter goes on to explain that the motel got wiped out by someone:

The quest states: You found the abandoned Happy Pig Motel. Scooter has asked you to turn the town's power back on so you can use the motel's vending machines and bounty board.

Objective: Turn in steam pump.

Quest spoiler:

You find out that the steam pump isn't functioning because it is broke. Scooter then tells you to collect some parts to fix the steam pump:

Steam valve Capacitor Gearbox

You get this quest from an ECHO recorder pinned to the deactivated bounty board.

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