I'm playing on Legendary, and my ride is already full of holes after the first sub-mission. It does not look like it is supposed to last the whole level - those Banshees keep coming.

Is there a way to fix my aircraft? Is there a replacement hidden somewhere?


If you stand on the ground somewhere (maybe at a landing pad-esque area only) and press down on the D-pad, you will "summon an evac". For me, I was warped to the beginning of the mission where a fresh Falcon flew in.

I think your new falcon could be shot down by the enemies in this time, as there was a banshee shooting mine. It lived and I blew up the banshee, but I don't know if it can blow up the evac and what happens if it does.

  • Thanks. It's down, not right, but is still saved my hide. – buti-oxa Oct 5 '10 at 23:54

There is no way to "fix" aircraft in Halo. Unlike the Battlefield series, once your vehicle is damaged, there is no way to restore its health.

I do not know if there are replacements but an outside the box answer is to steal a Banshee :p

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