The Repair Arm augment has the following description:

Repair Arm

Repairs your hull every time you collect scrap, but reduces scrap collected by 15 percent.

Does anyone know by how much it repairs your hull? Should I assume from the description that it repairs the hull by just one HP each time scrap is collected, or might it vary (e.g. one HP for each 10 scrap collected)?

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    Avoid this augmentation like the plague. Never buy it, and if you randomly loot it, sell it ASAP. It costs you insane amounts of scrap, especially in mid- to late game when scrap rewards gradually go up. Better use that scrap to repair and invest in upgrades instead, which you should anyway. – Hackworth Sep 19 '12 at 22:40
  • I need to double-check this, but if memory serves, repairing a point at the store costs 2 scrap. So once you're collecting more than 14 scrap you're losing money (or paying for the premium of repairing on the fly). – Allen Gould Oct 11 '12 at 22:02
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    @AllenGould It's 2 scrap to repair in the first few sectors, and then goes up to 3 and 4 in later sectors. Which makes the trade-off a little better in later sectors, though scrap rewards tend to go up too so perhaps it's a wash. – Andrzej Doyle Oct 16 '12 at 10:59

From personal experience (which seems backed up by this thread where the developer responded), the Repair Arm heals you 1 hull point, regardless of the amount of scrap collected.

From the developer via that thread as well:

We didn't want it to be always a positive, obvious choice. The power of constant repairs after every fight is too useful without at least a few setbacks. [...] I might sell it come sector 6 or 7 if I'm doing well since that 15% starts to hurt a lot more and the extra boost to finish off the boss is helpful.

The FTL Wikia seems to agree with this as well:

Repairs your hull by 1 point every time you collect scrap[.]


Currently Wikia states "1-2 points", although I'm playing with it right now and it seems like 2 points happens most of the time (on normal).

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