In Torchlight 2, how does the loot drop in multiplayer games? Does it drop assigned to individual characters? Or is it just a first come first served kind of deal?

I ask because I play games with a few guys that are loot hoarders to the point that it almost ruins games (the old, "hey there is a chest over there, I am going to stop killing this monster and go get it while the monster slaughter you!")

The dropping of loot will really determine if this game becomes one I play solo, or we play as a group.

  • They have been assuring since day 1 that loot is instanced, meaning per person. But I'd like to hear it from someone who has had a chance to play * shakes fist at 10 am release * – Sadly Not Sep 20 '12 at 21:56

Loot drops are per-person. I just played a LAN game for a few minutes and all the dropped equipment and gold was exclusive to me, unseeable and untouchable by other players in the session.

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    Good to hear! It's too bad the other people can't see the loot and just not pick it up though. It is a fun to taunt the item hoarders with seeing all the sweet loot I got that they didn't! – The Sasquatch Sep 21 '12 at 16:02

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