I'm playing through Torchlight II as an outlander, and I'm faced with the choice of using 2 one hand pistols or a 2 handed shotgonne.

Aside from stats and benefits of the items themselves, is there any benefit of using a 2 handed weapon over dual wielding 2 one handed weapons or vice versa?


The passive skills available for Pistols counter to Shotgonne are different.

The Shotgonne is focussed on short range area of effect damage, and the pistols are more of a long range option.

The Pistol can benefit from the Long Range Mastery passive skill that increase damage by % and the range in meters. The Long Range Mastery passive also buff damage and range on Bows, Crossbows and Wands.

There is also a Akimbo passive skill that increase damage by a % and the chance of performing a Execute where both pistols are fired simultaneously.

For the Shotgonne you have the Shotgonne Mastery passive that gives a % chance to stun for 2 seconds increase the knockback and has a % chance of blinding.

You might also want to consider the skills you use since some does a % of your weapon damage and others does a flat damage.

Personally I stick with 2x1 pistols and Rune Vault for a kiting build.

You could also consider a Bow, if you like the long range passive along with a weapon damage based skill like the Rapid Fire.

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