Reddit has discovered quite a few new weapons are available, all of them modelled after weapons that Guardians, Eles, and Mesmers can conjure. I'm specifically interested in Foefire's Essence.

The Mesmer weapons have a predicable pattern of Mystic Coins + Eldritch Scroll + Ectoplasm + Tier 6 Weapon Components. I'm wondering if such a pattern exists for the Guardian weapons and, specifically, how you create Foefire's Essence.

foefire image

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Foefire's Essence can be created in the mystic forge by combining:

  • 1 Eldritch Scroll
  • 1 Gift of Light
  • 70 Mystic Coins
  • 250 Orichalcum Greatsword Blades

Credit to Maisen from the official Guild Wars 2 Forums.

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It seems that there are a few ways to make it, yet ArenaNet has not confirmed a specific recipe for it.

There is a CHANCE to get it from:

-dragon chests

-placing 4 rare/exotic greatswords in the mystic forge

Source: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/game/crafting/Foefire-s-Essence

  • Crafting designer says "I guess not EVERY recipe has been tested…" => there is a specific recipe for it, I'd assume :p
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  • I HIGHLY doubt you can get it from random forges.
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