What is the location of all of the Jade Quilen in the Mogu'Shan instance for the Quarrelsome Quilen Quintet achievement?

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Quarrelsome Quilen Quintet

Collect all the Jade Quilen located throughout Mogu'Shan Palace on Heroic difficulty.

Are these always in the same locations or are the locations randomly generated?

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Completing this achievement involves looking around the instance and looting various Jade Quilen, usually located behind trash or in hard to reach places, in a similar manner to the Extra Credit Bonus Stage achievement from Vortex Pinnacle during Cataclysm.

The locations of the Quilen you need to loot are;

  • hidden at the very end of the first room, behind the trash
  • next to Kual the Brute in the first boss room
  • hidden in an alcove on right, after going down the hidden steps from the first boss but before the first Glimtrok Scout
  • around to the left or right side of the balcony before Gekkan
  • in either of the two rooms immediately before the last boss, click the Orb to break down the Jade Statue and it should be there

In addition, if you have a hunter in the group, there is a Jade Quilen which spawns inside one of the vaults, which can be tracked. This vault can be opened without needing an Ancient Mogu Key.


As per comments on WoWHead, a poster says these all spawn in specific locations.

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