In Jet Set Radio HD (XBLA), there is a "Bonus" menu under "System" (the pinball machine). There are eight unlockables (including a movie and what appear to be audio tracks):

  1. Jet Set Radio Documentary
  2. The Concept of Love
  3. Fly Like a Butterfly
  4. Funky Dealer
  5. Shape Da Future
  6. Teknopathetic
  7. Oldies but Happies
  8. Like It Like This Like That

How can I unlock all of this bonus stuff?

  • I unlocked the documentary and the song Fly Like a Butterfy. I think it might have to do with completing levels with a 'Jet' rating.
    – user39488
    Jan 5, 2013 at 23:08

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For the songs, here are the conditions:

  • The Concept of Love - Complete the Tutorial
  • Fly Like a Butterfly - Unlock Gum and Tab (story-related unlocks)
  • Funky Dealer - Complete Chapter 1
  • Shape Da Future - Complete Chapter 2
  • Teknopathic - Complete Chapter 3
  • Oldies but Happies - Unlock all Characters
  • Like it Like This Like That - Complete all missions with any ranking.


Also, how to unlock all the characters:

  • Garam: Challenges you after you beat Monsters Of Kogane
  • Mew: Challenges you after Benten Boogie
  • Yoyo: Challenges you after you beat Poison Jam and Noise Tanks
  • Combo: After you beat Chapter 1
  • Cube: After you beat Chapter 1
  • Piranha: Challenges you after you beat "Explosion" (Shibuya Golden Rhino mission)
  • Slate: Challenges you after you beat "Fight Or Flight" (Kogane Golden Rhino mission)
  • Poison Jam: Get Jet rating on all Kogane story missions
  • Unmasked Poison Jam: Hold X when selecting Poison Jam
  • Noise Tanks: Get Jet rating on all Benten story missions (including Behind The Mask)
  • Love Shockers: Get Jet rating on all Shibuya story missions
  • Goji: Get Jet on Bantam Street and Grind Square
  • Pots: Unlock every other character, then on a second playthrough play "Monster Of Kogane" level before "Benten Boogie". A Noise Tank will challenge you after Chapter 2, and if you win, you unlock Pots.

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