What are the weapon requirements for executing? Must both weapons be of the same types? That is, I have to dual wield 2x swords, or 2x maces, but not a sword and an axe?

  • The have to be the same types, and I think that's the only restriction.
    – Sadly Not
    Sep 29, 2012 at 9:38

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The rule is very simple, these combinations provide a chance to Execute:

  • Melee + melee
  • Ranged + ranged
  • Magic + magic

The last 2 basically means you can use a Pistol + Pistol to Execute, but not a Pistol + Wand. You would need a Wand + Wand combination to have a chance on Execute.

So you can use Sword + Axe or Sword + Claw and they will all give you a chance to Execute.

You can easily verify this by opening the Arcane statistics and looking what your Execution Chance is. If you have a combination that has no chance on Execute it will show you that you have a 0% chance to Execute.

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