I always have a crew member at my piloting station. Is it worth it to upgrade the subsystem to increase my evasion?


Upgrading the piloting subsystem won't improve your evasion at all if it's manned. However,

  • Subsystem upgrades improve the durability of the subsystem, not just what it does. If you upgrade your piloting subsystem it will be able to take a hit and stay online. (This is also a good reason to upgrade your med-bay and O2 generator systems, which have otherwise minimal effect on what the room does, and certainly aren't worth the additional power expenditure unless you have a spare zoltan standing around.)
  • Don't count on it always being manned. Crew members die. Particularly during the fight with the Rebel Flagship there's a good chance you may have to choose between dying from fire / asphyxiation or leaving the pilot's seat. If you've upgraded your piloting subsystem leaving becomes a more viable option.

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