I always have a crew member at my piloting station. Is it worth it to upgrade the subsystem to increase my evasion?

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Upgrading the piloting subsystem won't improve your evasion at all if it's manned. However,

  • Subsystem upgrades improve the durability of the subsystem, not just what it does. If you upgrade your piloting subsystem it will be able to take a hit and stay online. (This is also a good reason to upgrade your med-bay and O2 generator systems, which have otherwise minimal effect on what the room does, and certainly aren't worth the additional power expenditure unless you have a spare zoltan standing around.)
  • Don't count on it always being manned. Crew members die. Particularly during the fight with the Rebel Flagship there's a good chance you may have to choose between dying from fire / asphyxiation or leaving the pilot's seat. If you've upgraded your piloting subsystem leaving becomes a more viable option.
  • TIL: asphyxiation; Death due to lack of oxygen
    – sshow
    Commented Oct 6, 2020 at 23:16

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