My monk just hit lvl 85 and I'm now doing MoP quests. Since I re-rolled to a new toon, I don't have my full heroic t13 gear and leveling is a bit of a pain with my monk's current gear. Rumor is, there's a vendor around these lands that sell ilvl 372 gear. Any insight as to where they are located and how I can get to them?

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    @JamesJiao No, people who say toon are horrible people.
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    more information about toon: gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/77192/…
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    If you're newly leveled to MoP, consider these tradeskill created items as well: (green 384, blue 415) Windwool (cloth) , Misthide (leather), Stormscale (mail), Ghost-Forged (plate)
    – Amy B
    Oct 1 '12 at 1:23

There are a couple of them, I found this nice quote with some good info. http://www.wowhead.com/npc=62737#comments:id=1723350

This is one of the new gear vendors that are spread all across Pandaria that sell complete sets of green gear. Great to start an off-spec, or fill in that one missing slot in your main set. Here's a list of all the vendors I've seen or heard of so far; if anyone else finds more of these, let me know and I'll add them to the list.

  • All vendors have gear for all specs + slots
  • Though they only sell 1 ring/trinket these are NOT UNIQUE, so you can simply wear two at once!
  • All the i372 gear vendors have the same items.
iLvl/Min Lvl    Vendor              Zone - Location                             Notes
372/85          Rivett Clutchpop    The Jade Forest - Grookin Hill              Horde Only, requires completion of quests to appear
372/85          Silkweaver Rui      The Jade Forest - Pearlfin Village          Alliance Only, Pearlfin Jinyu discount
372/85          Singegruff          The Jade Forest - Dawn's Blossom            
372/85          Jambeezi            Valley of the Four Winds - Halfhill Village Trader  Walks around a bit
372/85          Claretta            Valley of the Four Winds - Pang's Stead 
393/87          The Metal Paw       Kun-Lai Summit - Binan Village      
393/87          Alin the Finder     Townlong Steppes - Longying Outpost         Shado-Pan Faction Discount
408/88          Supplier Xin        Townlong Steppes - Longying Outpost         Shado-Pan Faction Discount

Table modified to fit better.

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