I have noticed, especially in sanctuary, that the reflection in water does not match the actual buildings. This is killing my OCD.

Is this an easter-egg, or am i just seeing things?


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Reflections in nearly every game are pre-rendered to "cube maps." It is a cheap way of adding believable reflection without rendering said reflection every frame. Because it's not real time, the reflection breaks down when given anything but a cursory glance, especially when an actor walks into what should be reflected by the view. As such, it is the burden of the texture artist to choose/create and orient a cube map so that it best fits the expectation of the passing viewer. It's not a bug or a glitch, it's just an oversight that thankfully doesn't impact gameplay.

Source: CptnOblivious, Kotaku.

  • Could you put a link to your source? I'd like to read it too. Oct 6, 2012 at 9:53

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