I'm trying to get a Goblin army to spawn. Thus far I have:

  • Destroyed 1 Shadow Orb
  • Have at least 200 HP currently
  • and have not seen an invasion yet this game.

At what time does the Goblin Army usually spawn? When I say time, I mean what time in the night (i.e. 12am, 1am, 2am, etc...). Am I missing any pre-requisites to getting the army to spawn?

  • I don't believe you've missed any of the requirements; have you found any Goblin Scouts in the farther reaches of your world? If you have, you can just farm them to craft a Goblin Battle Standard.
    – Schism
    Oct 6, 2012 at 23:40

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Goblin Invasions are besides the requirements randomly triggered, you could wait for a long time.

The requirements are pretty much as you already state:

  • One player in the game must have 200+ current life.
  • There must not have been an invasion within 7 in-game days.
  • At least 1 Shadow Orb must have been destroyed.


Further the wiki links to a forum discussion that states:

It triggers at the very start of day.

See Source for the entire post

I would love to include his C# converted source code in here as well, but the formatting goes bananas

Also as Yves wrote, you could also farm the Scouts to make a Goblin Battle Standard

Using 10 Tattered Cloth, dropped by Goblin Scouts and 5 Wood, at a Loom.


  • 1
    I actually did notice that last night, in that it starts at the very start of day, which is 4:30AM I believe. I noticed while I was running my server that it auto-saved right as the Goblin Army invasion warning came up. Thanks for the tips my friend. Oct 7, 2012 at 14:58

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