I just started Dishonored last night and I was wondering, just how far can I get in the tech tree in a single playthrough? Can I buy everything? Are there branches that cut each other off or simply not enough coin to buy it all?

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Definitely possible with upgrades, but it's not necessarily a huge amount of fun spending a lot of time searching for coin loot. Runes, definitely not but you can get at least half. It's worth doing two playthroughs anyway (one ghosting, one hyperviolent vengeance spree).


I was able, by being thorough in my loot collecting, to have more than enough coin to buy all the upgrades that I had available after collecting all the blueprints I found. Although you won't actually need to buy all the upgrades if you stick to one play style through the entire game.

  • This covers gadget upgrades, but not powers, which require runes, of which I don't think there are enough. Oct 14, 2012 at 16:54

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