I've already seen this question and this one, but neither explicitly tells me whether a particular game syncs saved game files to the Steam Cloud.

Do all Steam games with Steam Cloud enabled automatically sync your saved games?
Are there some games that don't?
How can I tell which are which?

I ask because I'm about to go on a bloodthirsty purge of my locally-installed Steam games, and I don't want to lose my saves. The Steam Cloud seems like a perfect option (redownload the game, get all your saves back at the same time), but I don't want to accidentally delete a game and then later discover "Oh, by the way, we didn't sync your saves, but we did sync your graphics preferences! Ha ha!"

  • If in doubt, backup your Steam folder. I'd recommend a copy/paste over a Steam Backup, as the latter seems glitchy right now. – KBKarma Oct 16 '12 at 17:05
  • possible duplicate of What games save to the Steam Cloud? – DanMan Nov 29 '14 at 12:50
  • @DanMan I think the other one is asking for a list, whereas this one is asking how to verify if it has been saved into the cloud. – user28379 Nov 29 '14 at 14:08
  • @JeffreyLin I read both as "which games do it at all". – DanMan Nov 29 '14 at 20:46
  • Your youtube link is broken by the way – Hubro Mar 1 '16 at 23:16

Currently, after latest games library UI update (November 2019), you can find that in game details:

  1. Select a game on the list
  2. Click 'Show more details' button
  3. If the game supports Cloud Saves, the appropriate information will be listed in details somewhere under the button enter image description here
  • Is this 100% correct? For example, I have Dark Souls: Remastered which supports cloud saves (I've used them), but it doesn't have the icon there. – igg Dec 25 '19 at 8:36
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    @IraklisGkougkousis: Interesting.Well, either the info is missing on Steam for this game or DS:R is using some other solution for saving to cloud. – miszczu Jan 13 '20 at 20:43

In the sidebar in a game's store page you can find this kind of information about what Steam features a game supports.

In the sidebar you can find this kind of information about what Steam features a game supports

Not all games support Steam Cloud. If you are worried about these games' save files, you could use a tool that finds all game save files and make a backup of them for you. It's called GameSave Manager


One way to tell is to find the game's remote folder in your steam userdata. I find the easiest way to figure out which game is the right one is to launch it, save your game, and exit. Then sort the folders by last updated date. This is my steam userdata folder for UnEpic G:\Steam\userdata\XXXXXXXX\233980 (the X's will be digits that are your steam account id or something.)

Once in this folder check out the contents of the remote folder. This is where the files synced to steamcloud are stored. You may be able to identify what information is being synced by the contents of this folder. For example, UnEpic has the following.

\save (folder with game_0.sav in it)

It appears this game saves your savegame files, configuration, and another unkown file.


The easiest way is to set steam to list view, this will give you a cloud icon for every game. If there's not cloud, a cloud with a diagonal bar or a cloud with a question mark, your game data for that game is probably not backed up.

Sync icons example


If you go to the store page of some game, you can see in the right column if it uses Steam Cloud or not, below of Metascore and. For example:

Orcs must die! has the icon of a cloud and the phrase "Steam Cloud".

Natural Selection 2 not.

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    Yes but does that mean that it definitely syncs saved games or just that it syncs something? – Steve V. Oct 16 '12 at 17:06
  • Syncs saved games and preferences. Read it here, third paragraph. – Armaggedon Oct 16 '12 at 18:02

If you go to your library and enble the List View, you can then Right-Click on a game with the cloud icon, under Properties -> Updates, you will see a check box to sync 'your experience'.

There is also a check box under Settings --> Cloud.

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    But does this tell me if saved games are synced, or just that something is synced? – Steve V. May 1 '13 at 2:58

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