Mostly Flesh and Steel Finish the game without purchasing any supernatural powers or enhancements, besides Blink

I've just finished the game without purchasing anything besides Blink and didn't get the achievement. Maybe because I "bought" the Blink's upgrade (Blink II) ? Or is it anything else that I should have been aware of ?

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Someone has reported (Reddit - /r/dishonored) that getting Blink II will indeed stop the Mostly Flesh and Steel achievement from unlocking.

Another report (also from /r/dishonored).

Also, from the "Notes on Stealth Detection, Chaos, and Trophies/Achievements" post in the Bethesda forums by Gstaff, an admin and 'Global Community Lead':

I did not receive the ‘Mostly Flesh and Steel’ Achievement/Trophy despite only using the Blink supernatural ability. Why?

  • The description reads “besides Blink,” however, this is referring to the initial Blink power that you receive from The Ousider in the Dream. Purchasing Blink Level 2 will prevent the Achievement/Trophy from unlocking.
  • Equipping Bone Charms will not count against this Achievement/Trophy.

You didn't get the achievement because you upgraded from Blink I to Blink II.

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