DragonVale recently added the Perch of Kairos habitat, which has to be built in 3 phases or "artifacts" using pieces called "time fragments". The time fragments can be purchased with gems for a eye-poppingly large sum, or they can be won via the Dragon Track. I definitely want to unlock Kairos, but I'd rather not spend gems to do so. What is the fastest strategy to unlock the Perch, without spending gems?


Win lose or draw, you are going to be doing a lot of dragon races. In order to ease the pain, I used the following process (and I now have Kairos):

  1. Gather your stable of racers. You can check out this answer for a list of all of the races, and the elements needed for each. I suggest choosing one best dragon for each race, and leveling them to the cap (or at least above your other dragons), and adding an "A" to the start of their name. This will make them easy to find when choosing a dragon for a race.
  2. Be impatient. As soon as your dragon crosses the finish, the "Red X" icon in the top right changes to a "Green Play" icon. Pressing that will advance to the winners podiums without waiting for other dragons to finish. At the podiums, you can also press "spin wheel" almost immediately once the screen loads. This will save you several seconds per heat, which will add up over the hundreds of races necessary.
  3. Just spin the stupid wheel. There is a lot of misinformation about methods to control the result of the wheel. While I'm not sure if the result is predetermined, or simply uncontrollable - I gave up trying to fix the odds and just spun as fast as I could. If it is possible to control, it is damn hard - and I'd say the time you save by just spinning it and moving on is worth it in the long run.

I ended up pulling it off with no gems spent, so I can confirm it is possible. While it's nice to have him, keep in perspective that his ability is on a 4 day cool down and it's not that amazing in my humble opinion. In other words, don't feel like you are missing out on that much if you don't have him yet - just keep racing.

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Races are rigged. Whatever prize is on the wheel before you spin count up or down 6 prize items and I guarantee its the prize you get no matter how hard r soft you spin the wheel.

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race and quest and much as you can, in the past 30 minutes alone, I got the last 2 pieces of the chronolith and 2 pieces of the time claw

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I got it in 3 hours just keep racing. Just remember all your dragon that you race that makes you win. And play it fast.

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