In Team Fortress 2, I was checking the Pyro achievements and I noticed that my progress for Pyromancer shows 0/1,000,000 points of fire damage, even though I know for a fact that I have dealt fire damage. Am I making progress that the UI does not show, or is setting enemies on fire with the flamethrower not enough to get the achievement?

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To this day, it appears to still not be working from around early November 2011. Even looking at the achievement through Steam, as suggested here, didn't show the numbers. It is, however, possible to see the progress tracked through the game's HUD.

While in game: menu -> view achievements, and there will be a box you can tick that says show in HUD next to the pyromancer achievement.

I can personally say I've gotten Pyromancer in the past year, past November 2011, and it does show mine at 1,000,000 while in game.

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    So, I checked in game, and the view achievements screen shows the progress. Commented Nov 5, 2012 at 6:11

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