I am trying to set up a Tekkit-like server (+ some different mods). Most mods are not 1.4.2-compatible, yet, so the server runs 1.3.2. I can use MCNostalgia to downgrade the client, but is there any way to downgrade the server or download an old version?

  • assets.minecraft.net/1_3_2/minecraft_server.jar But I got this link from the pre-release announcement, hence not an answer. Almost all of their builds/old builds are on the assets.minecraft.net site though. – James Nov 7 '12 at 1:50
  • Thanks a lot! I knew it was possible to do this, but couldn't find a way to work out the URL. I just figured it out using MVC (Minecraft Version Changer, mcvc.in), a nice GUI way to download any client or server. I'll submit it as an answer, unless your submit yours. :) – JJJollyjim Nov 7 '12 at 1:56

http://assets.minecraft.net/ has all the Minecraft versions since the Beta 1.8 prereleases and until 1.5.2 inclusive.

To get the needed version of minecraft_server.jar, you replace the dots in the version name to underscores and download, for example, /1_3_2/minecraft_server.jar.

You can also get the exe server and the client there. For example:


Since Minecraft 1.6 (and the release of a new launcher) the downloads have been moved to https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/. Examples:



I figured it out with Minecraft Version Changer (mcvc.in). It's a nice little Java app to download what ever version you please.


MCNostalgia (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/800346-tool-mcnostalgia) is the generally accepted way to downgrade your Minecraft version. It works based on binary diffs, recalculated on each update for all ~80 something versions archived -- hence it requires an unmodified .jar of the current version.

Some of the available really old versions include:

  • indev-2-23-10
  • infdev-6-18-10
  • Alpha 1.0.4, .5_01, .11, .14, .15, .16, .17_02, .17_04
  • Alpha 1.1.0, .2, .2_01

After about halfway through Alpha, pretty much every version is available.

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