After a long hiatus, I've picked up RotMG again and noticed a few stark changes.

Quite often it'll say

<Name>'s cursed amulet of resurrection has broken and they (become a zombie|disappear|something similar)

This prompts the most dismay and pity I think I've ever seen in an MMO. :P Particularly when the affected turns into a zombie, it seems. ("Poor <Name>. Zombied right at the end.")

The Wiki seems to contain little to nothing on the topic.

What's an amulet of resurrection and what does it do? Are some un-cursed? How can I get one? What happens when it breaks and you turn into a zombie?


The Cursed Amulets of Resurrection have been changed to Cursed Amulets of Zombification. If you're wearing one when you're killed you'll become a zombie.

From the wiki description:

As of build 4.0.0, Amulet of Resurrection’s name was changed to Cursed Amulet of Resurrection. It became soulbound and you could buy it in Nexus for 1,000 fame, but there was a 5-10% chance that it would not work and you would be “zombified” (killing your character). It was rumored everytime a player died with an ammy, the chance to be zombified grew by 0.01, and that after 10,000 ammy breaks there would be a 100% zombification chance.

As of build 4.3.0, The Cursed Amulet’s chance to help you cheat death was evidently decreased, rough estimates suggest a resurrection chance of below 40%.

As of build 5.0.0, Cursed Amulets had a 100% zombification chance and dropped from the boss in the dungeon “Haunted Cemetery.”

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