If you transfer your Pokemon from one game to another, like let's say from Soul Silver to Black 2, will the Pokemon that were transferred be yours in the Black 2 game or the other games Pokemon? I'm asking this because I have a different name in my Soul Silver game than in my Black 2 game.

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    Even if the name is the same, the trainer ID will still be different, I would expect. – Frank Nov 7 '12 at 14:27

No. Pokemon "ownership" is based on both the trainer's name and the original trainer ID which is a random 5-digit number (assigned when you start your game). Both values can be seen in a Pokemon's summary screen.

So even with the same name, the chance of having the same ID Number is extremely small.


As I recall, having transferred all of my Pokémon from Gen IV games into Black, they're under the name of your character in Black. I'll confirm this when I'm not in work.

EDIT: Checked while in work ("Code compiling."). I was mistaken: I used the same Trainer Name in Gen IV, but the Trainer ID was different. So, it retains those, but converts the Pokémon. So, @DisgruntledGoat got it right.

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