What are the units saying in Age of Mythology? For example, when I click on a Hoplite he says "Prostagma". What does that mean?

Is there a resource that has all the unit's quotes for all the races (Greek, Egyptian and Norse) and translated?

  • One small caveat: It's still unknown exactly how ancient egyptian is supposed to sound. Even for the language as spoken in the new kingdom we only know with reasonable certainty how non-vowel parts of fragments of the language sound. As there's no agreement, reconstructing the hieroglyphs from the sound of the voices in the game might be a very hard task, as there's so little data to go by.
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Someone recently posted one about Norse unit sounds in the Steam Community here:

All Units

Já (yow) - Yes (both question and affirmative)
Ég vil (yer vil) - I will. (I want to)
Skipan? (skeepan?) - Orders / commands?
Samþykkt (samm-thickt) - Agreed.
Tilbúinn! (til-pwin) - Ready!


Veiðimaður (vey-thee-mathur) - Hunter.
Fjósamaður (fyoh-sa-mathur) - Farmer. (literally "Barn man")
Timbursveinn (timber-svait-n) - Woodcutter. (literally "timber-lad")
Grjótsveinn (groht-svait-n) - Miner. (literally "rock-lad")
Satt (saht) - Right. (literally "truly")
Hver er þar? (kwer-air-thar) - Who is there?


Til orrustuslag! (till-orr-ustu-slah) - To battle!
Sækið fram! (sigh-keeth-framm) - Advance forward! / Ride forth!
Atrás! (art-trouse) - Attack! (I believe it's a combination of two words, literally "at" (fight) + "árás" (battle))

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    Damn. Without playing this in years I can recognize most words and 'say' them in my head. Thanks for the nostalgic feeling!
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"Prostagma?" means "Orders?" in Greek.

I have found a partial list of translations here. It includes most of the common ones.

  • Thanks. Sadly, the list is Greek only. If we had a translator on arqade, i'm sure we would have this finished. +1 for effort. Commented Nov 26, 2012 at 22:50
  • Just as a side note: The link provided suggests that the languages are Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Norse. This means there are probably no online dictionaries available for this.
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  • The Norse speak old Norse which is closest to Icelandic. We only need a rough translation though, so we should be able to find out what they are saying with an icelandic person. Commented Nov 29, 2012 at 20:16

Ancient Greek (Greeks)

Expressing Readiness:

Etimos: Ready (masculine)
Etimi: Ready (feminine)
Prostagma?: Orders?
Lege!: 1. Speak! 2. (Archaic) Collect!


OrthosS: Right.
Malista: Very well. / Yes, sir!
Ne: Yes
kalos: Good, well.
Vulome: I want to...

Job Descriptions:

metalefs: metal worker (miner)
thirefTIS: Hunter
vouforgos: I think this means cow herder, which is quite surprising, because the peons say it when they forage.
drytomos: oak cutter
agrotis: farmer (cf. the word agriculture)

Battle Commands:

Pame!: Let’s go!
Proseche!: Careful!
eis Machin!: To the battle!
eisvoli: Invasion!


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