I am trying to determine the difference between The Sims 3: Pets on Windows and Xbox 360.

So far I've looked at the Origins store page, Wikipedia page (focused on the PC version), and IGN pages for the PC and Xbox 360 versions.

What content is the same, what is different, and how does Pets interact with the base game?

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Base game

  • Windows: Requires base game. Adds new town, Appaloosa Plains. ?Otherwise does not interact with base game. ?New features are only available in new town.
  • Xbox 360: Does not require base game. Does not interact with base game even if you have it.

Regular features

  • Windows: Regular features (Sims, houses, etc) in base game and new town.
  • Xbox 360: Regular features as in base game, even without the base game, but limited only to the new town.*

Pet feature

  • Windows: Be the pet, pet adventures, pet traits, pet abilities (e.g. hunt).
  • Xbox 360: Pet features as above.

Voice commands

  • Windows: No voice commands.
  • Xbox 360: Voice commands (requires Kinect).

Limited edition (of Pets)

  • Windows: Adds pet store, additional fur patterns, animals (e.g. unicorn)
  • Xbox 360: *? NO HORSES. Adoption agency, but no official pet "store"; can purchase pet items via the build & buy mode.

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