Does the Kharaa's infestation do anything other than change who can build there? Is there any improved regeneration, hive sight provided, or other subtle effects that I'm not noticing?

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Infestation does not provide regeneration. Alien commander foresight is not based on infestation. The main thing infestation does is simply control who can build there: Aliens can only place structures on infestation, and Marines can only place structures on non-infested surfaces.

Of note, though, are the following:

  • Alien structures no longer on infestation will take damage over time until destroyed, or infestation reclaims the area.
  • The alien commander's Bone Wall and Nutrient Mist abilities can only be used on infested ground areas.
  • A Gorge's Hydras will grow automatically when placed on infestation. (Hydras placed off of infestation must be grown manually using Heal Spray.)
  • Whips become inactive if the infestation they are built upon recedes.

The Gorge's bellyslide is MUCH faster on infestation. Very helpful for outrunning those pesky marines!

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