This is in reference to Dwarf Fortress 40d (v0.28.181.40d). Later versions of this game may have significantly changed the related mechanics.

When setting up a stockpile for furniture or finished goods there is a setting for Core Quality and Total Quality... what's the difference?

I'd like to set up a series of stockpiles in increasing distance from the trade depot and increasing quality (so I can give them the crappiest stuff first and save the best for use in the fortress)... but the two different ratings for quality has me confused.


I believe that core quality refers to the item itself - i.e., a superior-crafted door, and total quality takes into account the masterfully encrusted with blue diamonds and other miscellanea.

I've been using "Core Quality" for a furniture stockpile of masterwork doors (admittedly, in 31.16) and only masterwork doors are going to that pile.


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