On my Ranger I have an ability called 'Sharpening Stone', as follows;

enter image description here

I also have a trait called 'Keen Edge', which is supposed to trigger Sharpening Stone automatically whenever I reach 75% health - according to the text;

enter image description here

However, I have never seen Sharpening Stone go on cooldown unless I have specifically used the ability. Is this how Keen Edge is supposed to work, or am I missing something?

  • When your health goes below 75% you should see the buff icon for Sharpening Stone (above your utility skills).
    – mmatthews
    May 22, 2014 at 20:54

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Keen Edge (and other similar "Use [ability] when [X happens]" traits) grant you the effects of Sharpening Stone for free, automatically, when your health drops below 75%.

It doesn't matter if your actual Sharpening Stone ability is on cooldown, or even if it isn't on your action bar.

  • 2
    It's worth mentioning that those traits tend to have internal cooldowns of their own - often not mentioned in the tooltip, and not necessarily the same as the cooldown of the ability itself.
    – Fadeway
    Dec 2, 2012 at 7:27

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