The Do It... achievement requires you to get five stars performing the 70's craze song while in story mode. Somehow, even when playing on Easy, I managed to only get four stars (I got every other craze song achievements though).

Now since the craze song is not a complete song, it doesn't actually appear in the song list after you've finished the story mode.

My question is: how do I unlock this achievement now that I have finished the story mode? Is there a way to reset the story mode progress or is the partial song hidden somewhere that I don't know about?

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The song you need to 5-star for this achievement is "The Hustle". It should be available for selection normally.

Per wikipedia:

All songs are unlocked from the start except Tan-Step, which is unlocked after leveling up. After completion of story mode, all of the songs, including Tan-Step, become part of the Master Quest.

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