In the Preseason 3 Patch Notes, it says,

Enchantment - Captain: Allied champions moving towards you gain a movement speed boost. Additionally, nearby allied minions gain a large movement speed bonus.

Is the aura from Captain Enchantment unique or does it stack?

If every member of the team has this enchantment and moves towards each other, is the movement speed bonus quintupled?

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    hard to know before its released – Paralytic Dec 4 '12 at 21:03
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    @Paralytic But it is released ... – Sadly Not Dec 4 '12 at 21:44
  • The enchantment is unique, but I'm not sure of the mechanics for multiple people own it/the stacking order. – Brian Dec 4 '12 at 23:16
  • @SadlyNot really now? guess i missed a lot in the past 3 days – Paralytic Dec 5 '12 at 0:20
  • @Paralytic Not sure when they released it but you should try it out! – Sadly Not Dec 5 '12 at 2:22

The Passive from Captain boots does not stack; walking toward two allies with Captain-enchanted boots will not provide any bonus greater than if you were walking toward one ally:

Two allied champions both wearing Captain boots walking toward each other will, however, both receive the bonus.


Named Unique Auras do NOT stack. However the Aura Article specifically says that the Captain Enchantment is a passive effect and NOT an Aura.

The following is an example of a traditional "Aura"

Text is copied from Preseason Item Page and can be found by expanding the Runic Bulwark item.

Runic Bulwark Cost: 3200 (650) +400 Health +20 Armor +30 Magic Resist

UNIQUE Aura - Legion: Nearby allies gain 10 Armor, 30 Magic Resist and 10 Health Regen per 5.

(Unique Auras with the same name don't stack.)

The way Auras work is HAVING the item gives you the bonus and then you can get the AURA bonus from a nearby ally. (Having 2 Runic Bulwark on a team gives both of the holders the Aura effect twice but each of their teammates receive only 1 instance of the Aura). Having the Captain Enchantment on your boots and then an ally having Captain on their boots won't give either one of the champions 2 Captain Bonuses since the bonus only applies to allied champions moving toward the holder.

The question boils down to: "If those 2 champions stand next to each other, will a third nearby allied champion get 2 instances of Captain MS buff?" and if the Captain Buff is an AURA the answer is no because you can't get two of the same named AURA from allies.

However, according to the Aura Article the Captain Enchantment is a considered a passive effect and NOT an aura. Therefore, it would seem that a champion could receive a 16% ms buff if two teammates have the Captain Enchantment.

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    It's also good to list that no aura items stack unless two people on the team have the same item. (i.e. Vlad and Ahri both have WOTA. They both will get one aura bonus from their item and another aura from their teammate. Everyone else on the team however, would only receive the bonus from one aura. Probably the closest of them or whichever they came into contact with first I would imagine.) – VanBuzzKill Dec 5 '12 at 16:16
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    @DomenikVanBuskirk Your WOTA example, while a great example of team synergy, is not an example of aura stacking. WOTA gives others the buff, not yourself. If only Ahri had the WOTA she would not receive its aura benefits. This is why getting two on a team is a viable strategy, unlike getting two of most other aura items. – AdamP Dec 5 '12 at 17:29
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    @AdamP I know for a fast that is how it works. Why would it make any sense to build WOTA if you lose the spellvamp on it? Also, the LoL wiki page on WOTA agrees with me. It's too long to copy/paste here but it's in the notes section. – VanBuzzKill Dec 5 '12 at 17:50
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    Still not certain that answer is correct. This needs to be tested. – Christopher Berman Dec 6 '12 at 16:50
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    @AdamP WotA definitely provides the bonus to both yourself and teammates. You are an allied champion. The trick is in the wording of the captain enchantment - although you are an allied champion, it is impossible to move towards yourself, thus you don't get the bonus. – Sadly Not Dec 7 '12 at 1:28

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