In Endless Space, the Academy is used to manage your hired heroes. The size of the academy dictates how many heroes can be hired.

Looking around the interface, I don't see how to expand the Academy size or by what means it can be increased. There maybe a research item or a game option to increase the Academy size, but I haven't found it yet.

How does a player increase the size of their Academy so that player can have more heroes?

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The only ways to increase the Academy cap that I've found so far are the Futuristic Game Theory and Perfect Forecasting technologies.

Futuristic Game Theory grants the Alien Resources boon thingie.

Alien Resources
+2 Academy Cap on Empire
-10 Turn(s) before new Hero Arrival on Empire

The Horatio get an earlier version of the technology:

The Horatio have a unique technology of the same name that is identical to this one, except that it costs 680 Science and comes earlier in the tech tree.

From Endless Space Wikia: "Perfect Forecasting is a unique technology for the Horatio in the Exploration and Expansion technology tree."

Alien Integration
+3 Academy Cap on Empire
-10 Turn(s) before new Hero Arrival on Empire

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