Whenever I come across some Ingress related site, it tends to be a one off blog entry, a shared doc that's on one topic, or a wiki that's totally un-fleshed out and apparently dead [I'm talking about ingresswiki.org here].

Is there a better site or wiki that is cataloging the backstory, the media, the way to decode each passcode from the media, and or strategies and end-game theories?

Outside of asking, and hearing about closed forums and such I haven't found anything that seems more comprehensive than having 2 people working on it.


I've pretty much dismissed the code portion of the game as worthless since even if you spend time on it and figure one out, they're likely going to be already redeemed and worthless by the time you do - unless you're really fast and dedicated.

You probably already know about the official niantic site, but that's the best catalog of the backstory even if there doesn't seem to be linked discussion from there.

As already mentioned, the Ingress Field Guide is the best unofficial source of somewhat organized game info I've seen so far. Their info on gameplay is also the most useful for new players I've seen.

To add a few more sources not yet mentioned

  • Google Groups Ingress Communities - Linked to from Google's support pages for the game
  • Ingress Reddit - You probably either like Reddit's format or you don't, but it's certainly active
  • The Google + Ingress page - Mostly just people doing fanboy stuff to try to get invites, but maybe that will change once the game opens up to a wider audience
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  • Thank you. I'm amused at your description of the G+ Ingress page. I'm thinking of un-following it just because it's basically become an "invite please" stream. I am hoping it'll change. Reddit will always be the best place to find teen self-pics plundered from badly shared phones etc. Which is why I've been avoiding it and not been considering it for serious purposes. – dlamblin Dec 13 '12 at 3:52
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  • Thanks; I do find the field guide to be closer along the lines of what I was hoping for. Basically Ingress was professed to be sort of JJ Abrams inspired, and yet I don't see something fan-wise that's along the lines of FringePedia.net. Though the field guide and project wiki are pretty close. engadget.com/2012/11/15/google-launches-ingress – dlamblin Dec 13 '12 at 3:48

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