As you may have noticed, I have always had a fascination with Technic and Tekkit. I started reading up on it, but got lost very fast since there are many mods to read up on, and many things to cross-reference and so on. Therefore, I have to ask: is there a tutorial for technic/tekkit or like some kind of beginners' guide?

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Of course, mods like this would be near impossible to use without some sort of guide.

For starters here is a Youtube channel that has some pretty good videos all about the mod.

Technical Minecraft At Its Best W/ Odedex

In Odedex's Technical Minecraft playlist he starts of with a brand new game using the mod. He touches everything in the mod in a fun to watch series in an easy to understand pace.

If that doesn't do it for you here is a Wiki page all about getting started with Tekkit/Technic

Wiki Starting Guide

The Getting Started wiki guide does a really good job helping you get started with incredibly important aspects of the mod such as:

  • New Ores to mine for like Copper and tin, which will be the foundation of a large quantity of the new recipes.

  • An important tree to locate, known as the Rubber Tree and how to gather Rubber from it.

  • Basics of making Electricity w/ Generators and Batteries, which will help you get started in making more advanced machinery.

  • Some of the Basic Machines, like the Extractor that allows you to double the output of certain items like Sticky Resin and the Macerator, which will increase the output of the ores you mine by double.

  • Very importantly is how it touches renewable natural energy from Windmills and Solar Panels so you can use all your machines without burning through gathered resources.

Also here is a Wiki page that has a link to every guide available on the Wiki.


I'd like to point out a couple of them like:

Engine Cooling

Diamond Maker

This Mod is so vast and amazing, you'll never wanna go back to Vanilla. I recommend this to every avid Minecraft player as its a whole new game to anyone who enjoys Minecraft as much as I have.

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I have recently started playing Tekkit.

I figure starting off with your average vanilla Minecraft helps a lot but as soon as you get to mining these awkward ores it gets pretty tricky but what I do is make sure I have NEI (not enough items) on and as soon as I get an ore I search it up in there but it can always helps to make a creative world first just to see what everything does.

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