Do covert ops, like Anathema, etc, ship's sensor types have any effect on their ability to scan down sites? Is a ship with radar sensors able to scan down radar sites more easily than gravimetric or similar?

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It's a bit misleading, but sensor strength of your ship has nothing to do with how well you can scan down anything. It affects two things:

  • How resistant you are to being jammed by ECM
  • How easy it is to scan you down

The important parameter for scanning is the sensor strength of the probe (which isn't classified as gravimetric, ladar, radar, ...), and there are several factors that can increase this:

  • T1 scanning frigate (5% per level) or T2 covert ops bonus (10% per level) and your skill with that ship
  • The Astrometric Rangefinding skill
  • T1, T2 or Sister's Probe launcher
  • Regular or Sister's Scanner probes

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