How does the language settings in the Xbox 360 work.

I have set the "Console Settings" > "Language/Locale" to "English/Sweden" and all the words in the settings menu are in English. But as soon as I go to the Dashboard everything is in Swedish.

Is there a separate language settings for the Dashboard, or is it a bug in the system?

I am using the new fancy dashboard.


Have you tried changing your Xbox Live account's language? Here are the steps (from Xbox Support):

  1. Go to Billing Account Information
  2. Sign in using your Microsoft account (this is the e-mail/password tied to your Gamertag)
  3. If multiple languages are supported for your country or region, select a language from Preferred Language. Note The Preferred Language option does not appear if only one language is supported (for example, the United States).
  4. Click Save.
  • Hi. Thanks for the answer. Didn't work. There was no Preferred Language option in the Billing Account Information page. – Jonas Söderström Dec 22 '12 at 16:57
  • @JonasSöderström Well, was worth a try. Not sure what else to suggest off hand. :( – Adeese Dec 22 '12 at 21:44

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