I'm playing Chrono Cross for the first time. I'm on Disc 2; I've just beaten Fate and had the Terra Tower rise into the air.

Chrono Cross is the first RPG I've played where I really, really feel like I should have been taking notes the whole time. In particular, I'm having a terrible time trying to keep the two worlds separate in my mind, especially the origins of each playable character I've picked up. I know that very interesting things happen when you take a character to his counterpart or his loved ones in the opposite world, but am frustrated when I can't find one and am not sure whether I'm in the correct world.

I've tried looking at various lists, the Wikipedia article, etc. But they don't always specify which world the playable version comes from, and they very often include spoilers that I don't want to read.

So: can anyone provide a succinct, spoiler free list of each playable character and which world they come from?

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Each character's Origin can be found on this site, including more detailed information (Weapon, Element Grid, Innate, how to recruit, etc.). They are as follows:

  • Doc (Another)
  • Draggy (Another)
  • Fargo (Another)
  • Funguy (Home)
  • Glenn (Another)
  • Greco (Another)
  • Grobyc (Unknown)
  • Guile (Another)
  • Harle (Another)
  • Irenes (Home)
  • Janice (Home)
  • Karsh (Another)
  • Kidd (Unknown)
  • Korcha (Another)
  • Leah (Home)
  • Leena (Another)
  • Lucia (Another)
  • Lynx (Home)
  • Masha (Another)
  • Marcy (Another)
  • Mel (Another)
  • Miki (Home)
  • Mojo (Another)
  • NeoFio (Another)
  • Nikki (Another)
  • Norris (Home)
  • Orcha (Another)
  • Orlha (Another)
  • Pierre (Another)
  • Pip (Another)
  • Poshul (Home or Another)
  • Radius (Home)
  • Razzly (Home)
  • Riddel (Another)
  • Serge (Home)
  • Skelly (Another)
  • Sneff (Home)
  • Sprigg (Dimension Vortex)
  • Starky (Another Planet)
  • Steena (Home)
  • Turnip (Home)
  • Van (Home)
  • Viper (Another)
  • Zappa (Home)
  • Zoah (El Nido)

That is the complete list of 45 playable characters. It is worth noting, however, that you cannot recruit every single one of them in a single playthrough. For example, there is a point where the story line will branch, forcing you to choose between two groups of three.

Those groups are:

Korcha, Razzly, and Mel


Macha, Glenn, and Doc

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    There are some other characters that are mutually exclusive - I seem to recall having to choose between Pierre, Nikki, and Guile at the very least. – Shinrai Dec 28 '12 at 4:46
  • @Shinrai Noted. Hopefully my subtle edit will fix any confusion. Thanks! – Niro Dec 28 '12 at 17:02

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