I have had the POINTMAN class mod for about 10 levels and i wanted to change it to GRISLY POINTMAN but i don't know how. I have heard that you must add skill bonuses that come with POINTMAN to last ditch effort but i do not have that option. Could someone please tell me EXACTLY how to obtain the GRISLY POINTMAN title. The exact specifications of my class mod is: Level requirement 12, Health Regeneration +2.6, Max Health +69 THANKS!


This has already been covered in a couple of other questions previously, here and here.

However, specific to your question you will want the POINTMAN class mod (which you already have) and the tier two ability Last Ditch Effort as per this article on the Borderlands 2 Wikia pages.

The linked article from Wikia contains information on which class mod and skill combinations need to be used in order to get each of the titles in the game.

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