So far I have made a full set of exotic armour and exotic weapons, but I have one slot yet that I can't work out how to craft - the 'underwater helm' slot.

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I have seen stuff on the trading post for this slot but haven't seen anything in any of the crafting disciplines that I have levelled yet.

How can I craft a new underwater helm? Which crafting discipline do I need to level?


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Unfortunately, there is currently only one craftable breathing apparatus. It is the Water Filter. According to the wiki (thanks to Bazzz for the tip):

This recipe can be purchased from Stout Darkmind, the renown heart NPC at Blackblade Lake in Diessa Plateau for 126 [karma].

Unfortunately, it's pretty terrible.

The only other option for breathing apparatus replacement, as far as I know, is from a vendor. There are quite a few heart/karma vendors that offer upgraded breathing apparatuses.

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    Perhaps at the time of writing this was true, but now there is a breather that can be crafted, it's not much better than the starting one though: wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Recipe:_Water_Filter
    – Bazzz
    Mar 12, 2013 at 10:51
  • Your best option for this slot currently (assuming you're not happy with a level 20 self-crafted one) is to buy a Gavbeorn Breather (from the guy who's got Gavbeorn's Waypoint named after him) for a bit over 1k karma. Or wait and perhaps ANet will make an ascended item available for this slot.... Apr 30, 2013 at 6:12

You can now purchase ascended breather recipes from the "Aquabreather Recipes" section of BUY-4373 in the Mistlock Observatory and Sanctuary.

The recipes will appear in the helm section of your crafting discipline (tailor/leather/armour).

They are available in all stat types.

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